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Website Advertising Opportunities

Missouri Bulls Website Ad Opportunities

The Missouri Bulls will be selling Website Advertising again this season that will be for a one year term beginning the day the ad is posted on the site.

We will offer four levels of advertising. 

Grand Slam-This level is for Southeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, our main corporate sponsor.  They support us in many ways to help defer costs to our players.  For this they will be shown prominently throughout the site.  We greatly appreciate their support of our organization. Thank you Southeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

ALL STAR- We will sell three All Star ads per year at $1,000 each. The company’s logo will appear in bright colors with outstanding graphics on the right hand side of every page for maximum visibility. Companies will also have the ability to change the ad twice per year to announce new products, sales, or company news. This level of ad will also have their company listed on the sponsor’s page, with the location, contact number and website address.
Triple Crown- We will sell up to 10 Triple Crown level ads per year at $500 each.  Like our All Star sponsors, these ads will also be in bright colors with outstanding graphics but will appear on the home/front page only.  These companies will be allowed to change their ads once a year for any reason.  This level of ad will also have their company listed on the sponsor’s page, with the location, contact number and website address.
MVP- We will sell ads at a cost of $100 to appear on the team pages.  These ads will be sold by players hoping to defray the cost of their Bulls player’s fees.  Ads at this level will appear on the page that corresponds to the team of the player that sold the advertisement. For example: John Smith of the 15U team sells an ad for Mitch's Tire Shop in Jackson, MO for $100.00.  Mitch's ad will appear on the 15U team page.  A website address and contact will be listed in the advertisement along with the companies name.
Any Bulls player selling an advertisement at the All Star, Triple Crown, or MVP levels will receive 75% off the money towards their Bulls fees. For example: Chris Janet of the 16U team sells an ad at the Triple Crown level for $500.00.  Chris gets $375.00 off of his Bulls fees.  Any Bulls players selling a $100 MVP ad can deduct $75 dollars from their player fee.
Advertising sponsorship checks can be made out to Missouri Bulls Baseball with the athlete's name in to notes please.
Thanks for your support of our players and the Missouri Bulls organization.
Ad Format
Please send us your ads in a tif or jpeg file format.